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    Ghost Hunter


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    Ghost Hunter  Empty Ghost Hunter

    Post by ImTheBoSs on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:56 pm

    Class and lvl:Ghost Hunter 79.40% .My lvl is so low cus i played with other char with EE(81lvl atm) in a cp,but after 1month and half i left from it cus cp was pretty weak.Afetr so much time all pt was in A grade,except the weapons from our archers(3 db's).So i decided to switch back on my dagger and play a char that i like.
    Alternate chars:-
    Gear:Draconic set/tts jewels/DYnasty Knife +1 (130 Earth)
    Do you have chars in other clans?No i don't.
    Previous lineage 2 experience:I have like 5-6 years experience in l2.Played on many servers/most of them low rates.Some of my last servers were Arion/Asterios/Rpg/L2hydra/Nexus.
    How many hours per day you can play:At least 7-8h.
    Why you want to join:Well is really boring to play alone and u guys recruit solo players also not only cp's like most of clans do and it would be very nice for me if i could join in clan.I will help with anyhting is possible,i will participate at clan events tw/sieges/raids.
    Do you know anyone from Antistress?some nick's sound familliar but don't think i know anyone personally!

    Some extra Info about me:My real name is Andy,im from Romania,24 years old,and im student atm!

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    Ghost Hunter  Empty Re: Ghost Hunter

    Post by Th0r on Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:35 am

    Pm th0r in game

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